Employer Testimonials

Natalie Washington is an energetic, highly intelligent, intuitive, innovative entrepreneur. She is a creative thinker and generates new ways of solving problems. Along with these incredible attributes, she also has a very strong sense of urgency that allows her to be motivated to take quick action in order to obtain immediate results. I have Co Chaired Membership with Natalie for the National Human Resource Board and served with her on several committees, as well as, worked with her at JWN Recruitment, ABVI Goodwill and McCall Staffing. I am confident that she will go above and beyond in any venue she chooses to pursue and I highly recommend her for your organization.

Suzette Smith, Co Director of Membership, National Human Resource Association, Rochester Affiliate Board of Directors

Natalie is a follow through person who will always do her best. She is dedicated to the individuals needs with realistic expectations and results. I recomend her and JWN.

Glen Cone, Registered Representative, AXA Advisors

Natalie is thinking creatively, yet practically as she expertly matches her clients with the perfect opportunity. With over a decade of experience perfecting all aspects of the recruiting process, you’ll see that Natalie enjoys learning about your needs. Taking the time to know you on a personal level, Natalie will inquire deeply to ensure your unique skills are best reflected within your new position. You’ll see, as I happily have that Natalie infuses her personality into the process, making it fun and enjoyable!

Employers can confidently rely on Natalie’s thorough consultations with her clients to provide your business with excellent candidates. Having the opportunity to participate in her fruitious networking groups, Natalie understands the special dynamics of team building. Give Natalie a call, you’ll find her refreshing spirit is just what you need to bring you forward!

Christine M. Dionese, Owner, Integrative Approach to Healing

Natalie is a pleasure to work with as a Talent Specialist. She is friendly, responsive and has a good instinct for identifying talent. During our time working together she assisted us greatly in streamlining the recruiting and hiring process for our specialized crisis and information call center. She improved our recruiting procedures and got our job postings out to the right people and places that resulted in better qualified applicants and more strong matches for our positions than in the past. We would welcome any opportunity to work with Natalie again in the future.

Shye Louis, 2-1-1/LIFE LINE Manager, Goodwill of the Finger Lakes (ABVI-Goodwill)

Natalie joined our organization after she worked with us on a consulting basis. She brought our recruitment function to a much more sophisticated level and built an infrastructure to support a robust recruitment program. She brought her expertise and many community contacts to the agency. She worked tirelessly to build our own network of sources and was excellent at outreach.

Natalie works well independently, has a nose for talent and is creative in her recruitment techniques. She has good instincts for finding talent through the use of traditional and electronic sources. Her successful strategies saved us thousands of dollars in outside advertising by finding equally effective free options for sourcing great talent.

Natalie has high energy, enthusiasm and demonstrates strong effectiveness in organizational and process skills. She is extremely customer focused and excels at project work, from inception to execution. She is a joy to work with and I feel privileged knowing her. I would recommend her without hesitation.

Rosemarie Becker, SVP People Resources, ABVI-Goodwill

Natalie managed the process of hiring new employees at ABVI-Goodwill. She was a pleasure to work with. Her work was always done in a thoughtful and timely manner. She dealt with sensitive issues well and gave good guidance when needed. I was grateful for the skills that Natalie brought to her work and enjoyed working with her.

Tracy Schleyer, Vice President of Development, Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired

I’ve worked with many great recruiters in my career and I have to say Natalie is exceptional. Natalie is very personable and professional; she has a real talent for finding just the right person for any position.

Kim Dasson, Payroll & Benefits Supervisor, ABVI-Goodwill

I worked with Natalie for a number of years and found her very responsive to the needs of my department. She was thorough and detailed in her recruitment, screening and interviewing of all our candidates. Natalie also trained managers in screening and interviewing techniques.

Darcy Coddington, Director of Retail Operations, Goodwill of the Finger Lakes

Natalie is a true professional with a great eye for talent. She consistently located qualified individuals for the positions we were seeking to fill, and coordinated all aspects of the recruitment, interview and hiring process. She is very engaged in the community, and knew where to post positions to secure the best candidates. She is outstanding in reviewing resumes, and in conducting phone screens which assisted in the candidate selection process. She was also extremely helpful in reviewing candidates after the interviews took place to assist in making final hiring decisions. She is a truly a pleasure to work with, and I would highly recommend her as a recruitment professional.

Lynn Sullivan, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, GOODWILL INDUSTRIES OF GREATER ROCHESTER, INC

I had the pleasure of working with Natalie several times when there were positions open on my team. Natalie took the time to really understand my needs and was able to recommend great candidates. Her instincts were always on target. I was able to trust her recommendations without hesitation.

Christopher Frank, Career and Training Team Leader, ABVI-Goodwill

I have had the pleasure of working with Natalie at Goodwill of the Fingerlakes and The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Her thoughtful and positive approach to recruiting has led to some great additions at ABVI. She provides supportive and constructive feedback when dealing with tough situations. Natalie’s approach to her work is honest and genuine. She is efficient and goal oriented when working both independently and within groups. She pays great attention to detail in order to understand the needs of the position and employer which leads to great matches between positions and candidates. Natalie recognizes and appreciates diversity and the strength it can bring to a team and organization. I truly look forward to working with Natalie again.

Jennifer Mohr, Program Manager, ABVI-Goodwill

Natalie is a pleasure to work with. She always has a positive attitude and keeps the goals of the agency at the forefront at all times. She is honest and trustworthy. These are both extremely valuable traits for someone in her position. She speaks to numerous candidates and only presents those who fit the position the agency is looking for. She has a knack of asking the right questions to find the best fit for the agency and for the candidate. She has a talent of providing constructive criticism and doesn’t speak negatively about candidates but concentrates on their strengths and what value they can bring to the potential position.

I would definitely take advantage of the opportunity to work with Natalie in the future.

Cathy Vail, Director of Finance, ABVI-Goodwill

I have had the pleasure of working with Natalie from JWN Recruitment over the past few years. Natalie is exceptionally committed to connecting people with employment opportunities. Our students have commented on Natalie’s professionalism and honesty when assisting with employment opportunities.

I have seen the results and can without a doubt recommend JWN Recruitment for your employment needs—whether you are looking for an employment opportunity or filling a vacancy among your organization.

Jennifer Fitzgerald—Career Training counselor of Adult Education at Monroe BOCES 1

We have been using you for our staffing needs for about four and a half years and I have never been disappointed in the quality of the employees you send to us. What is especially beneficial is the fact that you understand our business needs so well. I simply call, you find the right person, and they report to work. It’s that simple! You have made my life so easy when it comes to staffing our office.

We have been so please with your efforts on our behalf, that there is no reason to even consider using another agency. We look forward to a long association with you as our business continues to grow.

Jonni Hewett, Human Resource Manager, Metrix Matrix

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